How I Treat Illness

With nearly 20 years of clinical experience, I treat a wide range of conditions affecting nearly every system of the body. My training is in Chinese Medicine, with additional mentorship and training in Ayurvedic medicine, medical herbology, homeopathy, and flower remedies. 

While there are many acupuncturists that specialize in treating issues like pain, digestion or fertility, my main area of clinical focus is psycho-spiritual conditions. From a traditional perspective, these are disorders of the heart and spirit. Modern psychology and psychiatry would call these mood disorders, neurological conditions, endocrine and hormonal imbalances, and other diagnoses. 

Traditional medicine has wonderful tools for addressing symptoms associated with insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, and many other imbalances in the neuro-endocrine and psychological realms of our being. I work alongside numerous mental health professionals to deliver the most comprehensive care for psychological wellness available. 

Beyond medical conditions, the tools we have can also help with times of personal crisis. They can help us more fully connect with ourselves at the deepest levels.

My Philosophy

Everyone gets sick in their own way. The story of how that happens is unique for every person. To understand what elements contribute to their condition, it is important for people to be able to tell that story. 

Those elements may be insults to the system like physical and/or emotional trauma, acute or chronic infections, stressors, dietary factors, constitutional factors, and others. That means one person's healing may look different than another's. The road to restorative wellness is not always a straight line, but once achieved, is fundamentally different than taking a pill to mask symptoms or change the values on a blood test.