New Season, Big Changes

Longtime clients may notice some changes to my website and the services I'm offering. It reflects a change in my thinking and my professional capacities that I'm beginning to offer publicly what I have been doing privately in the past. The truth is my training extends far beyond medicine and treating illness, which is what most people associate my work with. For many years, I have also undergone extensive training in a variety of Esoteric Arts - including Feng Shui, Geomancy, and a variety of other Shamanic and energy work trainings and initiations. I have used this skillset from time to time with friends, family, and clients, but the time never felt right to make those services available publicly. I have been given indication that the time for that has come.

In every ancient culture, there have always been those individuals who walk between the visible and invisible worlds and know how to navigate the complex relationship between the two. They have been called sages, magicians, occultists, sorcerers, dragon men and women, and shamans. For many years now I have undergone intensive training and initiation in several of these traditions, but I have kept it private. Over time, it has become clearer to me that there are many problems that can only be properly dealt with by esoteric means. Perhaps the psychic cords that connect two people continue to cause problems because neither can fully let go - clearing these are sometimes the only way for a relationship to move on. Or a dark energy or entity has attached itself to a dwelling and no matter how things are arranged in the visible world, the pull and distortion from invisible factors always remains. These are issues that cannot be dealt with by ordinary means - they require special services. I have been providing these services for quite some time as situations have arrived for those in contact with me, but it is time to offer them to anyone who needs them, for the need is great.

For those who don't feel comfortable with all this, and find it all to be rather superstitious, I would encourage you to consider that both traditional societies and the most advanced scientific minds of our time all consider our world to be multidimensional, and that it has visible and invisible forces that intertwine. I believe that human consciousness can act volitionally on a number of dimensions simultaneously, and this is the underlying mechanism of phenomena like magic and shamanism.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns, or even just to learn more about what kind of new services are on offer.

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